Byarozavik Birch Tree Water: 2014 Harvest Update

April, 2014 - This year, Byarozavik’s Birch Tree Water harvest season started March 20th in the Southern parts of Eastern Europe. The first drops of sap are traditionally called ‘spring tears’ – out of joy that Spring has finally arrived after a long winter … and this year was no exception. Months of preparation for the harvest are required, setting up logistics, equipment, bottling plants, permits, forest access, materials … and an army of harvesters.

This year, experts from the USDA Organic Certification center body checked and approved an additional expanse of wild forest land as organic, expanding our birch sap collection area to a over 40 hectares (100 acres), populated by over 1000 pristine birch trees. This year we anticipate harvesting about 40,000 liters or approximately 10,500 gallons (80,000 half-liter bottles) of organic birch juice.

Byarozavik’s bottlers expect to send the first shipment of the 2014 Harvest to our Northern California market by the beginning of May, to arrive by June 30, 2014. We look forward to celebrating the arrival of this delicious, incredibly healthy, and reverently collected harvest along with you in early Summer.
We look forward to sharing the 2014 Harvest with you soon!